Is your child struggling with behavior problems or emotional difficulties?

As a parent, are you feeling concerned, frustrated, discouraged, or powerless?

Is your child:

As a parent, are you:

Sometimes your child may act out with inappropriate or problem behaviors, or become anxious or withdrawn for what seems like no reason at all. As your child grows, he or she will encounter stressful events that may lead to emotional or behavioral difficulties. The birth of a sibling, difficulties at school or daycare, the death of a grandparent, or moving to a new home are all examples of stressful events that can cause turmoil in your child's life and problems in your family.

Or, your child may have gone through a particularly difficult or even traumatic experience. For example, a car accident, illness or hospitalization, or divorce in the family are all typically stressful and potentially traumatizing events for children and families. Parents and other adults will often see resulting behavior problems, withdrawal, or anxiety in children.

As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child, but you may not know what to do or you may be using ineffective or unhealthy parenting skills without even knowing it.

The good news is that something CAN be done to help both you and your child overcome problems and gain relief.

Through play therapy, parent counselling, and family counselling, you and your child can experience the following benefits:

By offering play therapy for children, parent counselling, and family counselling, I can help you and your child overcome problems, gain confidence, and develop a sense of happiness and well-being.

Why am I well-suited to provide these services?

I have chosen to focus my work specifically with children because I have a strong and deep desire to help and support children. I enjoy working with children immensely and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction seeing children progress from being anxious, withdrawn, and hostile to becoming more confident, content and satisfied with themselves and their environments.

Since parents are the most important people in the lives of children, I also have a strong desire to help and support parents. I enjoy working closely and collaboratively with parents to help them feel more confident and satisfied in their relationships with their children.

As a parent of three grown children myself, I can understand your feelings and concerns because I have weathered many challenging parenting situations myself. One of these challenges included helping my children recover and heal from separation and divorce in the family. Through this experience, I gained a much greater understanding of what children and parents go through during difficult times.

Some of my strongest qualities include being emotionally warm, empathic, positive, patient, and playful in my relationships with both children and adults. These qualities help my clients feel safe and comfortable in the counselling environment.

In addition:

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    In addition, you will feel relieved knowing that your child can have the opportunity, through play therapy, to be supported and learn new skills. When needed, play therapy is one of the most important gifts you can provide for your child.

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Kathy Eugster, MA, RCC, CPT-S
MA, Counselling Psychology
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Certified Play Therapist – Supervisor
Child and Family Therapist
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Kathy Eugster, MA, RCC, CPT-S

MA, Counselling Psychology
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Certified Play Therapist – Supervisor
Child and Family Therapist

Kathy Eugster